PORCELANOSA Geothermal Systems arrive at pharmacies


Butech has completed a new installation of a geothermal system. This time the project has been implemented in a pharmacy in Mairena de Aljarafe (Sevilla), a place that requires significant climate control measures because of the high temperatures.

The pharmacy is split over 2 floors, with the commercial area on the ground floor and offices and storage on the top floor, a total of 440m² for which a power rating of 42 kW, and 6 boreholes of 140 meters was required to supply the geothermal system that provides heating through an underfloor system and cooling by fan-coils.


The pharmacy, which received a grant of 40% of the installation cost for using this technology offered by the PORCELANOSA Group, will pay-off this investment in just 4-5 years, after which they will obtain significant annual savings in climate control costs.