Bathroom refurbishment, easier than ever with the new imperband refurbishment kit from butech


Butech has developed a new waterproofing system for masonry built shower trays that makes the installation easier and reduces work times.

In addition to the benefits supplied by the previous kit, such as a low height and full compatibility with Porcelanosa Group materials, there is now added a new fitting system between the shower drain and the waterproofing sheet. The separate supply of these two system components make possible to connect and place the shower drain on the support. After that, when the shower tray base is ready, it only remains to connect the waterproofing sheet.

 This fully guaranteed system which makes easier the installation of shower trays, is a key element for bathroom refurbishment to work faster and get high-quality finishes. The new imperband refurbishing kit is fully compatible with the current range of shower grates from Butech. 

  Connection between drain and waterproofing sheet

 The new imperband kit, which includes a shower drain and a waterproofing sheet, is provided in individual boxes with the below item code. 

100187047     KIT IMPERBAND REHAB. N 1,5X2,25MT

 This code does not include any decorative grate which has to be ordered separately according to size and shower tray design.