New façade for the Hillel Student Building in Washington DC


Founded in 1923, Hillel has a building for its students, with an unbeatable location. It is located near the George Washington University campus, next to remarkable buildings of Washington D.C. such as the White House, the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument.


The new building design features a more modern aesthetic than the previous one.


It has facilities that exceed 2,000 m2 between its 5 floors.


Inaugurated in the spring of 2021, this project is covered by 670 m2 of panels of our Bottega Acero porcelain tile.

This gray concrete aesthetic gives the building an elegant and sober appearance.


Although the tiles were originally 120 x 120 cm, they were cut to fit the modulation of the façade. The horizontal joints have different widths in order to highlight the line of the slabs.

For this project, our STON-KER Ventilated Facade system with Hidden Staple has been used.


With this building, Hillel increases its logistics capacity and manages to support the community. More than 4,500 students attending the university benefit from it.