New 60 cm x 120 cm format for the THIC'KER collections by Butech


The Bottega and Durango THIC'KER collections by Butech, available in 59.6 cm x 59.6 cm and 100 cm x 100 cm, are also available in the new 60 cm x 120 cm size, a large rectangular format ideal for terraces and outdoor floors.


In addition to the advantages of 20 mm ceramic installed on pedestals, such as perfect flatness, seamless placement and continuity between inside and outside, staggered patterns are now possible from a design perspective.


Like the rest of the 20 mm Butech THIC'KER models, besides being placed directly on a raised pedestal structure, they can also be installed directly on sand, gravel or grass bases, thanks to the highest values of mechanical resistance of these kind of tiles. Therefore, they are the best solution for high-traffic pavements or floors with special resistance requirements.


The models available in 60 cm x 120 cm are:

100323357          BOTTEGA ACERO ANT (20MM) 60X120(A) 

100320627          BOTTEGA CALIZA ANT (20MM) 60X120(A) 

100323394          DURANGO ACERO ANT (20MM) 60X120(A) 

100320618          BERNA ACERO ANT (20MM) 60X120(A)