Butech profiles, the perfect match for PORCELANOSA wall tiles.


The decoration of wall tiles with Butech profiles is back. These fine metal lines, the best complement for large-format rectified wall tiles, return to the design of bathrooms and kitchens thanks to the new PORCELANOSA collections.



In addition to the traditional uses in corners, Butech profiles can be used in a wide variety of applications to enhance the design of tile coverings, such as decorative lines along the entire wall, whether horizontal or vertical, transition between different collections and finishing of niches or shelves. A touch of design that integrates PORCELANOSA tiles with the rest of the elements that make up a bathroom or kitchen.



Chrome profiles were the only option a few years ago, but now decorative lines with metallic finishes are demanded and exclusively offered by Butech, combining with any style. Above all, designers love profiles with dark shades to create an impressive contrast effect.



Butech's main proposals for this season are:


100269081      PRO-PART COAL 11MM

100222994      PRO-PART CAST IRON 11MM

100231592      PRO-PART ROSE 11MM

100120369      PRO-PART MOON 11MM

100157798      PRO-PART LINE MATT 11MM