The management of butech building technology, s. a. u., a company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of products and systems related to building, has as main goal of all our activities to meet the requirements of our customers and preserve the environment. Aware of the importance of proper quality management in today's competitive world and the great social awareness for the environment, the company has decided to implement and develop a Quality and Environmental Management System according to the standards UNE-EN-ISO- 9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 respectively.

This system will apply the Quality and Environmental Policy of butech building technology, s. a. u. which is based on the following principles:

• To provide products, systems and services that satisfy the needs and expectations of Clients and interested parties and comply with the applicable legal, normative and regulatory requirements, both in terms of Quality and the Environment.

• Evolution and innovation in the use of products, systems and services that allow the Client to have materials in line with market trends.

• To consider the Quality and the Environment, as a task of all the Employees of butech building technology, s. a. u., establishing adequate training and awareness of personnel so that these aspects are the key factor for the development and competitiveness of the company.

• Continuously improve the quality of products and services through appropriate training and motivation of the company's personnel and the fostering of planning and preventive actions. To promote the prevention of pollution, carrying out correct management and minimisation, as far as possible, of our waste, especially hazardous waste.

This policy provides the basis for establishing Quality and Environmental objectives.

Once this system has been implemented, it will provide both our clients and internally, the confidence that the company delivers adequate products and services, being a key piece to compete and expand markets.

The management of butech building technology, s. a. u. trusts in advance in the collaboration of all the employees of the company in the accomplishment of this important task and the fulfillment of the responsibilities and dispositions that are assigned to them in the different documents of the system, reason why this policy of Quality and Environment is communicated to them.