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Shower deck system

Complete waterproofing system for built-in showers.

A new style of shower tray for more exclusive bathrooms. This system includes a totally flat shower base where the water drains out between the tiles. This means that the water outlet is hidden from view, so a wooden flooring effect can be achieved but with the benefits of ceramic tiles.

The prefabricated shower tray has been designed to sit underneath ceramic tiles that are not fixed permanently. The ceramic tiles are fixed to guides that sit atop the shower tray, hiding the outlet and allowing the water to filter out between the tiles. 

Especially designed for bathroom refurbishments. Professional use.

*Also available in special sizes. 

Material: Polyurethane
Panel measurements: 700x700x30 mm, 800x800x30 mm, 800x938x30 mm, 900x938x30 mm, 1216x938x30 mm

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