Dispersion adhesives

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bt-3000 n

bt-3000 n is a D2 TE type dispersion adhesive in accordance with EN 12004 for installing all types of ceramic tiles in interior coverings. This adhesive paste is ready to use and does not need to be mixed with water or any additive. Especially recommended for installation on plaster supports, even in environments with high environmental dampness or coverings in direct contact with water.



  • Ready to use dispersion adhesive.
  • Excellent adhesion. Deformable.
  • Resistant to dampness.
  • Fine texture adhesive, with optimal preparation, kneading and application conditions.
  • High initial adhesion without vertical sliding. 
  • Prolonged work time. Operating time > 30 min.
  • Application thickness up to 4mm.

Support: Mortar, Concrete, Plaster or anhydrite, Plasterboard panels, Enamelled ceramic
Certified / Regulation / Classification: EN 12004: D2 TE, CSTB Certifié: 84 AD 281:D2E
Presentation: 25 Kg Pot

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