Self-levelling spacers

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Self-levelling spacers kit

Levelling system for ceramic tiles. Aids the installation of ceramic tiles and guarantees a perfect flatness in the final covering. The system consists of a new type of adjustable height divider which levels the adjacent tiles and stops subsequent movement. Especially recommended when the characteristics of the ceramic, design or intended use require a perfect finish, without unevenness between tiles.



  • Guarantee of level between tiles.
  • Prevents movement between tiles due to errors in installation or setting of mortar.
  • Reduces the reworking and installation times of the ceramic.
  • Available for installation joins of 1 to 3mm depth.
  • Suitable for tiles of 3 to 15mm thickness.
  • The system includes a divider, wedge and adjustment tool.
  • Recoverable wedges, only dividers are used.

Components: Wedge, 1mm brace, Hoist, Pliers
Spacers thickness: 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 0.5 mm, 5 mm

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