Ceramic facades

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Bonded façades

As well as manufacturing ceramic tiles, PORCELANOSA Grupo also develops facade cladding systems to use with its tile products. Its specialist high-tech division, BUTECH, conducts constant research into installation systems in order to guarantee long-lasting tile-clad facades.

With bonded facade systems, the substrate must first be prepared before it is clad with tiles, using appropriate adhesives. Mechanical fastenings are normally used as an extra form of reinforcement.

In all stages of the installation process, it is important to bear in mind factors that will guarantee a solidly installed, long-lasting tiled facade.

Butech knows how important it is to use the right adhesives with the right tiles, and therefore develops bonding materials specially conceived to meet the requirements of today’s tiles. It selects tile-laying systems that guarantee efficient end results, adapting them to work with PORCELANOSA Grupo materials to ensure long-lasting bonded facades with a flawless finish.