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super-prim is a water based acrylic resin primer with siliceous aggregate loads, for the preparation of supports, prior to the use of adhesives, self-levelling mortars and cement mortar levelling. It reduces the absorption of water and improves cohesion of the cement based supports. For professional use.


  • Water based acrylic resin latex plus siliceous aggregate load.
  • Increases the adhesion of cement mortars on enamelled coverings.
  • Improved forging of the grip material.
  • Reduces the water suction of the support.
  • Increases the cohesion of the installation surface.
  • Easy application with roller or wide brush. Applicable by airless spraying.
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Do not dilute with water or mix with any other liquid.

Support: Mortar, Plaster or anhydrite, Metal, Ceramic, Wood
Presentation: 10 Kg pot

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