Epoxy grout material

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epotech aqua

epotech aqua is a new line of epoxy putties for sealing joins between ceramic tiles. Two-component putty free from organic solvents, characterised by watertightness, resistance to chemical attack and mechanical performance which allows easy application. Especially recommended for application on mosaics and ceramic tiles with relief.



  • Two-component coloured epoxy putty.
  • Easy application and cleaning. Product free of organic and plastic solvents
  • Excellent stability in join colour.
  • Chemical resistance to the majority of acids and alkalis, even in high concentrations.
  • Airtight installation join, no water absorption.
  • Excellent adhesion and mechanical resistance.
  • Installation joins of up to 10mm.
  • Wide range of colours.

Color: Manhattan, Cement, Anthracite, Tobacco, Black, White, Grey, Ivory, Beige
Presentation: 1,5 Kg pot

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