Epoxy grout material

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epotech crystal

epotech crystal is an epoxy putty for sealing joins between ceramic tiles. Two-component putty characterised by a translucent finish: reflects the colour of the ceramic or glass mosaic which surrounds the join. Has other characteristic properties of epoxy putties: watertightness, high resistance to chemical attach and mechanical performance. Especially recommended for applications on mosaics or ceramic tiles with relief. Extrafine microgranular porcelain join.



  • Extrafine microgranular porcelain join.
  • Easy to apply and clean epoxy putty.
  • Translucent aspect.
  • High chemical resistance to the majority of acids and alkalis, including in high concentrations.
  • Airtight installation join, no water absorption.
  • Excellent adhesion and mechanical resistance.
  • Prevents the development of fungus and bacteria.
  • Installation joins of up to 5 mm.

Certified / Regulation / Classification: EN 13888: RG
Presentation: 3 Kg pot

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