Concept shower trays

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Bespoke refurbishing shower trays

These shower trays are characterised by a thickness of 30mm.

Includes the imperband restoration kit.

Does not include the grille.


Components: Imperband restoration kit
Grate position: Corner, Lateral, Central
Panel measurements: 1-1000x<1000x30 mm, 1-1000x<1000x40 mm, 1-1000x<901x30 mm, 1-1000x<901x40 mm, 1001-1200x<1200x30 mm, 1001-1200x<1200x40 mm, 1001-1200x<901x30 mm, 1001-1200x<901x40 mm, 1201-1400x<1400x30 mm, 1201-1400x<1400x40 mm, 1201-1400X<901X30 mm, 1201-1400X<901X40 mm, 1401-1600X<1600X30 mm, 1401-1600X<1600X40 mm, 1401-1600X<901X30 mm, 1401-1600X<901X40 mm, 1601-1800X<901X30 mm, 1601-1800X<901X40 mm, 1801-2000X<901X30 mm, 1801-2000X<901X40 mm, 2001-2200X<901X30 mm, 2001-2200X<901X50 mm
Type of grate: Square, Linear

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