Underfloor heating

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Butech Premium Underfloor Heating Mat

Butech Premium Underfloor Heating Mat

The Butech electric underfloor heating mat and cable system has a pressure sensitive adhesive mesh for quick and easy installation. The mat features an ultra-thin 1.8mm wire that does not raise floor levels and is suitable for all Porcelanosa floor finishes.

The Butech electric underfloor heating mat is designed to be used with the 8GM-10GM smart controller for optimum performance and efficiency.

No increase in floor levels

The thinnest dual fluoropolymer coated heating wire – less than 1.8 mm.


Sturdy glass fibre mesh with pressure sensitive adhesive, for the fastest and most secure installation.

Quick Installation

Simply roll out the mat with pre-spaced wire for a 150W/m2 heat output. Perfect for creating comfortable feeling tiles and a luxurious radiant warmth.


Operating voltage 230 V: 50 Hz
Width 500 mm (0,5 m)
Mat thickness 3 mm
Inner / Outer Insulation    Advanced fluoropolymer (ETFE)
Output rating 150 W/m²
Cold tail length 3 m
Certification CE, BEAB
Guarantee Lifetime


Components: butech smart controller: http://www.butech.net/en/productos/calefaccion-desde-el-suelo/butech-smart-controller
Mesh size: 1 m2, 2 m2, 3 m2, 4 m2, 5 m2, 10 m2, 1.5 m2, 2.5 m2

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